Sometimes there are jobs around our house and home that need doing but they don’t fall under a typical service. Here we can offer a Custom Request service. Examples of these services include Relocation Services, Customised Cleaning, Rubbish Removal, or requests such as sugar soap walls or hanging a farm gate. Just think about what you really need doing around your home or property and ask us.

Customised Cleaning

There are some jobs around the home that may need the extra time and attention such as dusting collectables or fine china. This is when our Customised Cleaning service can help you.

Relocation Services

Our Relocation Services can help you with jobs such as moving furniture around the home, putting together flat packed furniture, packing up the shed or house, exit maintenance and cleaning. 

Rubbish Removal

Whether its clearing out your shed or your yard, we can help you remove rubbish, tidy the area and even help you sort through what isn’t rubbish and either organize it to go to charity or help you store it in a way that suits you.

Personal Customised Services

Personal Customised Services are things that need doing around your home and garden that do not fit into any normal category. For example some of our services have included:

  • Sugar soaping walls
  • Hanging a farm gate
  • Building a display shelving for a collection of model planes.

So ask yourself what do you really need doing around your home and then talk to us about how we can help.
Custom Request 5 Gift Card

Gift Vouchers

A Gift Voucher for one of our services can be the perfect present especially for the loved one that has everything they need. We offer Gift Vouchers for any of our services, just call us on 1300 773 202 to organise one today.


If you are interested in a customized service then please call us on 1300 773 202 or simply complete the form below and one of our customer service team will get back to you.